Our Credo and Philosophy


Our Credo and Philosophy
     As the name of the office shows “NOBAN” (It is a Persian word consisted of two parts, NO which means novelty and BAN which is second syllable of a word NEGAHBAN which means Guard) gives a broad vision of its goals can be seen as a security of human innovation and creativity. To make this vision clear, however, NOBAN considers its mission to work in the field of development and promotion of intellectual property rights regulations, as well as the development of public awareness, standards and requirement strengthening; on the other hand, help them in the most fair and humane place with the legal support of the owners of ideas and intellectual innovations.
             Noban believes:
1.     Generous help should be given to promote and develop the laws and regulations on intellectual property rights as well as public awareness;
2.       Humanity’s interest and the feeling along with the expertise are necessary in all matters addressed by the client or for public affairs.
3.      Legal and human rights of the client are included; observance of order and time, sufficient scientific and legal certainty, reliance on ethics and professional conscience.
4.       Keeping the secrets carefully.
5.     One of the valuable human resource and asset of the firm is understanding the reason of customer referral to the office.
6.     The client have the right to be aware of the processes of given affairs to NOBAN Law Office clearly.
7.     Both parties are proud and happy of their interactions.