Litigation & Appeals


NOBAN Law Office services of litigation, lawsuit and judicial defense in Iran

·         Litigation in courts of Iran for the purpose of invalidating a patent, trademark and industrial design that conflicts with your rights;
·         Filing a lawsuit in criminal courts against individuals who violate your IP rights like counterfeiting, unauthorized or confusing use of TM, patent, ID in Iran;
·         Defending the criminal charge against your activities or the legal claim brought against you in any criminal or civil court;
·         Claiming for damages compensation caused by patent infringement, trademark, industrial design, copyright, etc.
·         Judicial action for injunction against infringers to stop activities and using your trademark on goods/services that violate your rights;
·         Objection/opposition to the decision of each of the Iran registry offices of the trademark, invention and industrial design in Iran to refuse the application for registration of trademark, invention, industrial design at the Commission on Article 170 of the Executive Code;
·         Objections/opposition to the application/s for registration of the trademark, invention, industrial design, etc., filed by third parties and are in conflict with your registered rights.