Watching IP Rights


Trademark watch in Iran


  •  Only registration of a trademark does not make a specific authority or the police protect the rights of that trademark.
  • Your trademark has a very high business value, because it contains your credit.
  •  Protecting the trademark against unauthorized use, or TM registration of similar or exact match with your trademark is essential.

Most companies and trademark owners usually do the guarding and watching of their trademark themselves or assign to a trademark attorney.
More than 100 trademark application filings in Iran daily, and always there is a high risk that some of those signs will enter your legal rights and violate your rights. 
Noban law office can help you in trademark watching in Iran.

Attorneys in NOBAN Law Office watches your trademark in Iran, therefore:
    Your TM will not be registered as a company name in Iran Company registration offices;
   Your TM will not be registered as a trademark of other companies (similar or exact match) in trademark office of Iran;
   Your sign will not be registered as a domain name (similar or exact) in domain registration office؛
    As soon as any infringement is found against your trademark rights, you will be notified؛
    If necessary, we will take the necessary legal action in our time frame.
 It is worth noting that the owner of the TM may lose legal timeframe if he does not object to the violation of his rights by others.