Licensing & Agreements

Legal arrangement of IP contracts
For arranging a standard contract it is very important to be aware of all the principles and rules of national and international intellectual property rights, to anticipate future legal issues after registering and obtaining legal support for any of the intellectual property rights (inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, etc.), and more often, when dealing with other parties.
Some of IP contracts are included licensing of IP rights, contracts for the exploitation and use of rights, franchise, technology transfer agreements and know-how, Joint Venture. IP contracts have principles and requirements that it is necessary to be set by a specialist.
The type and nature of the "ownership and right" in intellectual property rights are fundamentally different with other traditional subjects (such as land ownership, cars, etc.), thus the type and nature of IP contracts have to be shaped in the framework of its principles and in a consistent manner with those regulations, to be able to respond to conflicts and probable problems of the present and future. 
NOBAN Law Office is aware of all the domestic and international standards and procedures regarding the setting of IP contracts help clients to arrange the best contracts with their business partners and address their potential concerns.