How to get a Trademark?

In order to file a trademark or service mark application in Iran ( Iranian Trademark Office ), the following documents are normally required: 


Required documents for trademark registration :

          1.  A power of attorney signed by the applicant & in the case of corporate body, by the Director Legal representative of the company; It should be certified and legalized by the Iranian Consulate; 

          2.  The full name and address of the applicant and type of its activity;  An original executed Power of Attorney;

          3.  A sample of the mark; for three-dimensional marks, the applicant must provide sufficient dimensions of the mark to be clearly represented (front, top and side picture of a 3D mark with label, if 3D trademark is to be filed in Iran).

          4.  Description of colors (if color trademark is to be filed in Iran),

          5.  List of goods and/or services and related classes (according to the International classification),

          6.  A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company;

          7.  If claiming priority, a certified copy of the priority document. (Priority under the Paris convention can now be claimed in Iran. Details of Convention priority, if any first filed country, filing number and date)